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This was posted on the FM facebook page by Recker….

Hello my name is Brian I’ve decided to take part in raising money for Macmillan cancer research.
Me and a group of friends are putting are gaming efforts together and are playing over 24hrs (myself 48hrs) to raise money and create even more awareness for cancer on sat sept 9th 2017.
If you want to take part we will be playing over multiple platforms from pc to xbox.
For the first 24hrs i will play pc, we have chosen arma 3 exile austraila mod and have a pve server to play, thank you to Monkee from Fudgemonkee for the use of the server and PR.
For the next 24hrs after i will be on the xbox and will be playing battlefield 1 and 4 with the clan in which you welcome to play along with. All details are below and hope you to see you then.
Fudgemonkee pve militarized austraila
Gamertag for xbox is Recker 1886 << as seen as a disclaimer i can not be held accountable for any damage the mods do to your system Charity Registration No. 261017

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