About Us

mugFudgeMonkee was created by two brothers who were bored with PvP gaming.

We decided to create our own Arma 2 DayZ mod PvE (Player versus Environment) server. Having absolutely no knowledge of how to set up never mind run a gaming server. However we managed to get something that worked and people seemed to enjoy it.

A few months later after building the community and having a core group of regular players a new mod came out. A lot of players migrated to it and we knew we had to keep up so we took the decision to change to DayZ Epoch mod. This was something that proved to be very popular and more players seemed to join.

Arma 3 was released and with it came it's own version of Epoch. So once again Fudgemonkee was on the move. The community was growing and shows no sign of slowing down. New admins were added to the team and they brought with them their own set of skills. You can read more about them on our meet the team page.

Exile was the next mod released on Arma 3. This seems to be the mod that has attracted the most attention and got everyone excited. Naturally we had to move to that. We've changed maps a few times and tried to go with what the community want and will continue to do so long into the future.



Fudgemonkee Clan

Fudgemonkee has its own clan. 

A dedicated group of players who like to go on and take on the missions. Most of the times someone is recording and the video's end up on the YouTube channel. Clan membership is strictly invite only. We look for certain criteria before asking someone to join. 

Please note if you see someone in game who has the [FM] tags but isn't one of the admin team then they clan members and not admins. They will try and help but have no admin powers.


Clan members are...

  • Fudge (admin)
  • Monkee (admin)
  • Seb (admin)
  • Matamushroom (admin)
  • Pariah (admin)
  • Firefox
  • Silverback
  • Stoffa
  • Wommy

Server Hosting

Fudgemonkee are proud to be hosted by ABC Game Servers. We look forward to being hosted by them for the long term.  Click on their logo to find out more.





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